Rural Business Recover Advisor

Rural Business Community Recovery
Hello Kimberley and District Chamber of Commerce Members!
Over the past few months, you may have noticed some of our program information and posters
circulating around town. I have met some of you and look forward to meeting more! Thank you for
taking the time to talk with me about your business needs as we move through stage 3.
As your area Business Recovery Advisor, I work with a 30-person team of advisors across the province of
BC. This enhances the program and provides me with a wide array of resources and supports to connect
you to.
We help your business with:
- Information on provincial, federal and local/regional funding programs
- Coaching: tailored information on relevant programs, eligibility criteria and application
processes assistance
- Free Workshops: Covid Recovery Sickness Benefit (September 14, 2021), Recruitment and
Retention (October 14, 2021), Mental Health Resources for Employers and Employees
(November 16, 2021), Business Continuity Planning (January 2022)
- Resource Database: tools to help your business including strategies to implement vaccination
passports, event and conference planning information and access to workplace mental health
supports for employers and staff.
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For more information or to sign up for one of our workshops go to:
Riley Wilcox
Business Recovery Advisor

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